Botball® Educational Robotics Program Sponsors give students the opportunity to succeed and impact over 6,000 students per year by giving them real-world skills and teamwork experience that the students can use throughout their life and careers.

Success in the Future

Stems from Education Today

Our world is filled with challenges that enterprising minds can (and will!) solve. To get the best solutions, we need talented, motivated people from a broad diversity of backgrounds and perspectives to address these challenges. Let’s give them the tools and experience to succeed!

When you invest in Botball®, you will:

  1. Develop brand loyalty among this young demographic
  2. Help to prepare your upcoming workforce
  3. Build company pride among your employees
  4. Do good in the world

Botball® sponsorship benefits include:

  1. Preparing a technologically literate workforce
  2. Supporting educators and mentors with training
  3. Supporting education by providing reusable classroom equipment
  4. Providing community visibility
  5. Creating a pipeline for engineers and computer scientists
  6. Providing motivating volunteer opportunities

The KISS Institute for Practical Robotics appreciates the support of our sponsors who share our vision and provide financial support, volunteers, mentors, in-kind donations and services. There are additional opportunities to sponsor selected Botball® events at the local, regional and international levels such as:

  • Botball® Professional Development Workshops
  • Regional Botball® Tournaments
  • Global Conference on Educational Robotics

Become a Sponsor

Contact us at for more information concerning sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

Also see our donation and volunteer pages for information on other ways to support Botball®.